dinsdag 26 juli 2011

Beastie Boys eat pannenkoeken

"Sometimes I like to brag
Sometimes I'm soft spoken
And when I am in Holland
I eat the pannenkoeken"

Beastie Boys, Super Disco Breakin'

(thx, Dave)

The Notorious B.I.G. eats soul food

"Biggie was going to open a fast food chain called "Big Poppa's" which would serve soul food and would be open 24 hrs a day to serve the community in which he lived in."

B.I.G. facts

Eminem eats M&M's

I wonder if Eminem eats M&M's. Mexican artist Enrique Ramos created this portrait in M&M's (link).

50 Cent eats money

More pictures at Hiphopwired.

Dead Prez eat healthy

"...maybe not all gansta rappers eat healthy, but at least two of them do."


50 Cent eats pounded yam, jeloff rice, egusi, fufu, pamkreke, imbokoree, eba and ebamghene

According to WikiAnswers.

Kanye West eats chicken

"Well the way I came up with that decision was, I'm kind of hungry and I just ... um ... I think I wanted some chicken because I'm black -- [so] you know I like chicken a lot," he said. "I'm gonna' do a commercial for chicken for free."

Kanye West on chicken.